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Top Ten Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances save us time, make everyday tasks easier, and allow keen chefs to get creative with their cooking. From snacktime to suppertime, and whether washing up or waking up with a coffee, these bits of kit are essential for a busy modern kitchen. Here are 10 must-have appliances for any kitchen makeover. Oven Roast, […]

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How to Pick a New Kitchen Layout

Covering the key things to consider when planning a kitchen, plus some of the most popular floor plans, this guide to how to pick a new kitchen layout will help you design a space that is easy to use every day. Consider your lifestyle Begin by thinking about how you use the kitchen. Are you […]

Four of the Best Kitchen Cleaning Supplies You Must Have

Got a new kitchen and unsure how to maintain it? Or trying to find out ways to maintain your current kitchen? Get on your safety gloves and bring out your cleaning accessories, and check out four of the best kitchen cleaning supplies you need to ensure you keep your kitchens spick and span! 1. All […]

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Designing The Perfect Kitchen For You

Designing your dream kitchen can seem daunting especially you’ve no idea where to start. There are so many different things to consider, from storage and style to colours and themes that suit your home. So, we’ve put together a few things you should consider when you start planning the perfect kitchen for you and your […]

New Kitchens Showroom

COVID19 Update

Unfortunately, due to the latest Government announcement, the New Kitchens showroom is closed & our office is open for deliveries only. We are available to be contacted by phone on 01462 812826 and by email If you’d like a design quote from us during this time, please email your room dimensions and specifications of your […]

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Essential Ingredients for a Contemporary Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing your contemporary kitchen, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to achieve the true modern look that will stay in style for years to come. Think of your dream kitchen as crisp, clean, warm and inviting. Today’s kitchens are all about efficiency, organisation, and functionality. With […]