Four of the Best Kitchen Cleaning Supplies You Must Have

Got a new kitchen and unsure how to maintain it? Or trying to find out ways to maintain your current kitchen? Get on your safety gloves and bring out your cleaning accessories, and check out four of the best kitchen cleaning supplies you need to ensure you keep your kitchens spick and span!

1. All Purpose Cleaner

Does exactly what it says on the tin. An all purpose cleaner is an ideal product for cleaning most surfaces such as glass, steel, wood and marble. There are many different types of all purpose cleaners such as dis-infectant, degreaser and gentle all purpose cleaners, so be sure to read reviews of any particular products you like the look of and experiment with the product that is right for you and your home.

2. Limescale Remover

One of the biggest battles you may find as a homeowner is fighting against limescale, as it can constantly build in your kitchens, bathrooms and can form in dirty, ugly stains. You can find many spray-on limescale removers at your local supermarkets and stores, be sure to read reviews online on the best brand and product, and how to attack some of the most stubborn stains.

3. White Vinegar

If you are looking to make your own homemade cleaning product, white vinegar is just for you! When diluted with water, it is considered to be a “miracle worker” and is able to be used on practically everything. This includes kitchen work-tops, floors, ovens, microwaves and more.

4. Oven Cleaner

Ovens are proven to be one of the toughest competitors for kitchen cleaners, and use of your home-made vinegar recipe and all purpose cleaners may not work on your oven. To clean out the dirt, grease and residue, make use of a spray-on oven cleaner. It is recommended to look online for reviews on some of the best products and keep an eye out for any cheap deals!

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