handleless kitchen

Handleless Contemporary Kitchen

Towards the end of the last year I was singing the praises of our local tradespeople individually recognising them for the absolutely fabulous work that they had carried out in our house.

Naturally, when we decided to put in a new kitchen earlier this year we asked for recommendations, as a friend of ours had been badly served by a so called tradesman. We only had one firm and one fitters name given to us and I have a great delight in sharing it with you, New Kitchens from Shefford. Plans drawn up to our satisfaction promptly, a definite date for starting and finishing. This was surprising as there was a great deal of work including removing existing kitchen, ceiling, wall tiles etc.

We are the proud owners of a superb new kitchen, started on time and completed on time, first class workmanship with absolutely minimum disruption, you cannot ask for more. I would recommend New kitchens to anyone in confidence that a perfect job will be the result