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How to Pick a New Kitchen Layout

Covering the key things to consider when planning a kitchen, plus some of the most popular floor plans, this guide to how to pick a new kitchen layout will help you design a space that is easy to use every day.

Consider your lifestyle

Begin by thinking about how you use the kitchen. Are you a keen chef who loves to get creative with new recipes? Or do you need a family-friendly space for enjoying quality time together? The way you live will influence the type of layout that works best for your household, and this might alter over time as your family grows or your household changes.

Think about the amount of space

Kitchen size will often influence the choice of layout. However large or small the square footage of the kitchen, the right layout will make the space easy and enjoyable to use. Some layouts, like a galley design, suit narrow kitchens where you need to maximise storage and workspace. Meanwhile, open-plan designs work well in larger kitchen-diners or when a home has been extended. Consider the size of your space when researching layouts, and take precise measurements to make planning easier.

Keep budget in mind

The cost of a kitchen will increase as more units are added to the design, so if you are on a budget, look for a layout that offers the storage you need without any unnecessary cupboards. One cost-saving solution is to only use base units, which will also keep the walls clear and make a small kitchen feel more open and less crowded.

The most popular kitchen layouts

Once you have considered how you use your kitchen, assessed the amount of space, and decided on a budget, it’s time to explore layout options. The following four layouts are popular choices that work well in homes of different sizes and styles.

L-shape kitchens

Featuring two adjacent runs of cabinets joined to form an L design, L-shape kitchens can slot neatly into a corner in a smaller space, providing a functional workspace without crowding the room. They can also form part of an open-plan living area thanks to the open side of the layout, which frees up floor space for a dining table or other furniture. 

In a large room where the kitchen isn’t fitted into a corner, one side of the L can double-up as a breakfast bar or seating spot, providing a place for casual meals or coffee breaks.

U-shape kitchens

With three connecting walls of cupboards and worktops, a U-shaped layout packs in storage and work space. This wrap-around design enables you to easily move between chopping, cooking, and serving and also offers areas for cooking as a couple or family. Popular in small spaces, U-shape kitchens utilise all available space to ensure there is plenty of room for preparing meals and keeping groceries organised.

To make a U-shaped kitchen easy to use, position the hob, fridge, and sink on separate sides to create a functional working triangle between these key zones, which will improve the flow between different tasks.

Galley kitchens

Named for the below-deck cooking areas on ships, galley kitchens feature two runs of units positioned on opposite walls. A common layout in older properties, particularly Victorian terraced houses, this design ensures that there is as much storage and work space as possible, and can help make the most of a smaller room. 

To ensure this narrow layout remains bright and inviting, opt for a light colour scheme that will prevent a galley kitchen feeling cramped or crowded. Slimline appliances can also help make use of limited space and free up more room for storage.

Open plan kitchens

Popular with families, young professionals, and those who love to host at home, open plan kitchens combine a cooking area with other living spaces, like a dining room or lounge. This creates one large, multifunctional room that can be used throughout the day, whether preparing dinner, enjoying an evening meal, or catching up with friends.

An open plan layout brings the whole household together in one place and allows people to spend quality time together while doing different tasks. Whether you are planning to knock down walls to create an open plan kitchen, or you are considering an extension, this layout is a versatile modern alternative to separate rooms. It also makes it easy to keep an eye on the little ones while cooking if you have a young family. 

Create You New Dream Kitchen

Whichever layout you have your eye on, New Kitchens can help bring your plans to life. From completing a home survey so we can measure your space, to designing, ordering, and installing your new kitchen, we will take care of the entire project from start to finish. Use our contact form to get in touch or book a visit to our kitchen showroom.