Remarkable Renovations: New Kitchen For A New Year

As 2014 arrives, chances are that you will be busy putting together a list of New Year’s resolutions. Have you considered aiming for something different this year and giving your kitchen a whole makeover? After a busy Christmas period, the beginning of the new year is the ideal time to plan any refits or renovations that can totally transform the appearance of your kitchen and turn it into a more enjoyable and modern space.


If your kitchen is looking tired, old or outdated, take a look at our list of suggestions on how to renovate your kitchen this winter and turn it into the kitchen you have always dreamt of.


Small changes, Big Results


There is no need to worry about the possibility that a kitchen refit or renovation might affect your household budget, as simply carrying out a few small projects can result in big changes. One of the easiest ways of transforming an old kitchen into a wonderful new space is by replacing the worktops. These surfaces get easily scratched and worn out, so consider investing in some of the most resistant worktop materials, such as silestone, Ceasarstone or granite. You can also achieve a modern look by fitting Corian worktops, which are available in more than 100 different colours and in many shapes and thickness levels.


Kitchen Appliances


Modern kitchens don’t only look good, but they are equipped with efficient and time-saving appliances. One of the latest trends in this respect involves space-saving built-in kitchen appliances, such as integrated refrigerators, which can be modified so that they actually look like part of your kitchen furniture. Additionally, why not treat yourself to one of the latest trends in coffee machines with a built-in espresso maker?


Kitchen Decor


See if you can incorporate some of the latest decor trends into your kitchen. Some ideas include fitting coloured LED lighting to create a warm and welcoming effect, fitting backsplash panels with painted glass or artwork, and adding bespoke cabinets, kitchen tables or islands made of exotic woods that can add a unique and stylish touch of colour to your kitchen decor.


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