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Top Ten Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances save us time, make everyday tasks easier, and allow keen chefs to get creative with their cooking. From snacktime to suppertime, and whether washing up or waking up with a coffee, these bits of kit are essential for a busy modern kitchen. Here are 10 must-have appliances for any kitchen makeover.

  1. Oven

Roast, bake, grill, and enjoy thanks to a new oven. To save space in a compact layout, opt for a single oven, or choose a double oven to gain more capacity for cooking for a crowd. Modern features like pyrolytic cleaning can take the hassle out of after-dinner chores, while a choice of fuel types means you can take your pick from a gas or electric model.

  1. Microwave

Every chef’s favourite shortcut, a microwave is perfect for reheating leftovers, defrosting food, or warming quick meals. Simple dishes like soup or jacket potatoes are instantly easier thanks to a microwave, so you can always prep a fast yet delicious dinner when time is short. Choose a built-in model to create a more streamlined look while saving on counter space.

  1. Combi microwave oven

In a small kitchen where space is limited, a combi microwave oven can handle multiple cooking tasks in one handy machine. Offering all the usual features of a microwave, plus an integrated oven which lets you grill, roast, and bake – great if your oven is already full when preparing multiple courses. 

  1. Warming drawer

The baker’s best friend, a warming drawer is the ideal place to prove dough for bread or pizza, or heat homemade pastries before breakfast. It also comes in handy when hosting dinner parties, as plates can be warmed before setting the table, and dishes can be kept hot for late arrivals. Most models sit neatly beneath a built-in oven for easy access when cooking or baking.

  1. Hob

Hobs are one of the hardest working appliances in the kitchen. A choice of sizes is available to suit every layout, while you can take your pick from gas, induction, ceramic, or solid plate models, depending on your budget and cooking style. Look out for nifty features like wok burners that will help you perfect your stir fry dishes, or PowerBoost technology which delivers instant heat so you can cook in a hurry.

  1. Dishwasher

Save water, time, and elbow grease by switching the washing up bowl for a dishwasher. The most efficient way to do the dishes, dishwashers are available in a choice of sizes to match your kitchen space, and can also be integrated so the appliance is out of sight behind a cupboard door. Now cleaning up after dinner will take moments, not minutes.

  1. Boiling water tap

Whether stopping for a tea break or heating water for a pan, a boiling water tap can reduce the time it takes to make a brew or get dinner on the go. Cheaper to run than a kettle, and designed with child-safe features to protect little fingers, a boiling water tap is the appliance you never know you need until you give it a try.

  1. Coffee machine

Cut back on your coffee shop costs by making your favourite flat white or americano at home. From bean to cup machines, to models that take pods, there are options for every price range and coffee-lover, including compact designs that can fit into small spaces.

  1. Wine cooler

Free up space in the fridge and keep favourite tipples perfectly chilled with a wine cooler. Not just for whites and fizz, this is also the perfect place to chill soft drinks or water, with precise temperature controls ensuring every beverage is always ready for serving. Slimline models can be slotted at the end of a run of cupboards to keep dinner party supplies close at hand when entertaining.

  1. Waste disposal unit

Say goodbye to a smelly and cumbersome bin and hello to a waste disposal unit. Allowing you to dispose of food scraps down the sink, this device makes clearing dinner plates a breeze and will ensure that your kitchen bin only contains dry, non-food rubbish that won’t make a stink.


Time to Upgrade Your Appliances?

Whether you are planning a kitchen redesign, or simply want to invest in some new tech for your cooking space, New Kitchens can help you pick out the perfect appliances for your home. Our team can help you find models that match the style and size of your space, as well as your budget. 

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